Vice Security Port Lincoln

All services provided by Vice Security

Cash and Carry...

Money insured in transit to and from bank. This service enables you to have your business takings collected from your place of business, and delivered to your bank, whilst covered by our insurance.

Mobile Security Patrols...

Ensure your premises are secured.
Mobile patrols protect clients and their property. They check your premises are secured and provide a deterrent to those who might be looking to trespass. This is a 24 hour service.

Static Guards...

Experienced guards ensure only the correct people enter your premises or have access to your property.

Festival and Event security...

Events have many different requirements

  • Restricted areas
  • Liquor licensed areas.
  • Property and personal protection
  • Crowd control

Our male and female staff ensure people are able to enjoy a social occasion in a safe and relaxed environment. Our guards are trained to diffuse or remove

Alarm Monitoring...

Our guards respond to alarms in a timely manner, enabling you to leave your premises with the knowledge that any disturbance will be investigated.
If access has been gained a guard will remain onsite until premises are secured

Personal and Property Protection...

Sadly there are times when people or their property come under threat.
Having Security there can keep you and your property safe from threat or damage.

Vice Security Port Lincoln has:

  • All Insurance cover.
  • Employsure Protection
  • Return to Work Cover
  • ASIAL membership
  • Justice of the Peace Services
  • Maritime Security Identification Cards
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol accreditation
  • Senior First Aid.
  • Fire arms licenses
  • Defence clearances
  • DCSI child clearances
  • Level 2 and 3 Security Licenses


Vice Security Port Lincoln
ABN: 70 392 187 057

1/1 King Street

0800-1600 hrs...08 8683 1997
24 hrs...0457 863 146